can u suggest me french moviez?

Any Godard, any Truffaut, Any X. Dolan, check out the new wave of French horror/New French Extremity, Killing Zoe, Baxter, The Dreamers. I’m just a beginner into this so yeah. Maybe some of my followers are a little more into this than me? Write them down.

The next films I’m going to be posting are lymelife, tart, vacancy, etc. And I have been through my screencaps and they are all about fucking white young people, and that’s just kinda lame?

do you watch movies from a website???

I download the films and then I watch them on my computer, tv, etc.

Ive lost all those screencaps from those films that ive had been posting so now, im not gonna keep posting those same films (maybe someday). Im going to start with a couple of new ones.